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Wednesday, July 12th 2017, 7:35pm




Summary of Everyone's Complaints within this Thread

In an effort to give everyone who voiced their concern renewed life, I've gathered and condensed all the other problems/concerns that people posting in this thread have come up with, so let's recap the problems…

--Relocations and peace treaties, aka special items
--Homogenous alliances, or as I like to call them, “one alliance-only worlds”
--cool downs and limits for special item use
-- Crack down on shared connection exploits and general cheating
--Improve contacting ticket support
--Streamline and revitalize communication between gamer and admins and developers (this thread was a good start toward that)
--Strict account registration to combat multi-account exploits (I like the paid activation code idea to keep it one person-one account-one universe, but maybe activation codes can be exploited too)
--Strict language enforcement (there is already a rule that players need to use the language of that world since a number of people are warned/banned for it in the pillory list) So what's the solution?



Idea 1. Increase player size within pre-existing worlds. How?

World merge.

Opening new worlds will get in new players for the first several months, but that doesn't stop the problems I mentioned above. Eventually all "new" worlds become "old" worlds and the list of worlds grow 20+, 30+, and nothing changes.

If this was already mentioned then my apologies, but I didn't see it. Either way, I can see no simpler solution to many of the problems mentioned above from other people. And this is probably the one GF would be more comfortable with seeing as they do it with their other titles (thinking Ogame).

A world merge can solve all the problems of:

• Stagnation, increased player interactions, more of Play Style #1, go out and conquer and be challenged
• One-Alliance worlds, now alliances have to battle each other for supremacy and not just enjoy it by default
• Clean up abandoned settlements, wipe the inactive settlements during the merge, leaving a “fresh” new world
• Market this merger heavily so that new players become exposed and excited; this then expands the player base.
• Creates new opportunities for revenue for the developers and administrators, allowing them to hire more to their team as content creators or designers, admins or ticket moderators, etc Other problems could be solved, I think, with the next idea:

Idea 2.

Subscription-only model

Change to some type of subscription model. Most of the better known titles have subscription models (thinking EVE) but with the "Pay for Thing and then Thing gets you Something in game" model seems to be GameForge's go-to. Nothing wrong with it, but once implemented I guess that's hard to undo within their existing culture of game developers.

This creates a dedicated and committed player base with room for self-policing of its own members.

This fosters an environment where most of the people who stay will want to play the game by the rules they agreed to. I think cheating/multi-accounts/trolls etc will in general shy away from a subscription-only model. As it stands now, the price to enter the game (free) is not stopping the problem players.

I don’t claim to know how this works, but I am willing to bet that if the price to enter the game is not free (paid subscription to activate account), then many of the problem players will stop at the proverbial gate. Other ideas: Free-only worlds keeps players happy, no premium items, just skill) Paid-only worlds (keeps developers happy)

----- (5/5)

Final recap.

This game has been out since what, 2009? Does anyone have the data on player base and the average users? I bet the game could use a recharge. The best way forward, in my view and in the opinions of others in the community whose complaints in this thread I listed above, would be to give that recharge in the form of

• Re-evaluate special purchase items use limits and cool down periods
• Address account exploits and rule-breaking And
• Stagnation All within the scope of a world merger to increase player base, clean up abandons, break up one alliance-only worlds, bring back skill into the game, and more of Play Style #1.

Thank you for establishing a dedicated thread for communicating directly between gamers and developers and I hope to continue playing a changing, awesome KingsAge.

Thank you for reading.



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Saturday, July 22nd 2017, 8:06am

no market ,no military support other players,



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Saturday, October 7th 2017, 5:11pm

Hello, I am a long time player on the US server of KA. Some simple tweaks that shouldn't be difficult to implement to resolve the issues of Peace Treatys and Relocations and early game boosts that has killed this game would be to:

1. Bump up the price of Treatys and Relocations by up to 10 times.... they are too cheap and easy to get so this limits their use but GF still can rake in a small fortune. They can still leave them on the wheel (or even lower the occurrence of them appearing) as the frequency they are won is fairly low. The ability to repeatably buy them cheaply whenever they like is the main problem.

2. Remove the large resource boosts (or modify their quantity down). The large boosts are insane once someone reaches the top tier 500K stone, wood, or ore delivery (or 200k of each). A much lower amount would provide a fairer outcome, suggest a reduction of 75%.

Perhaps these adjustments would provide GF more revenue from the hardcore spenders reducing their impact.



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Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 10:18pm

Hi, am just a player who have played that game serval times. Now after long break i start up again.

Saw here is idea pool so i wonder to add some ideas.

Kingsage.(domain name) is mentioned as strategy game. I love strategy ones but after long playtime i feel that needs upgrade to be more like(strategy one). Right now we have couple options what to do. Solders - one unit is more lasting than another. Overrall you can use blackknight to defend most threads, cuz they are having over average defend power. (Squire is mentioned as strongest unit against cavrly, but black knights isn't bad also. Now if castle is filled with squires, gaining attack by infantry they are quite useless, but black knights are still untouchtable) That system is covered with luck points what clearly balances thous two options 40k squires with 1%luck is quite strong then 7k Blacks can gain by 1%luck.
Overrall i want to say that game is based on strategy, but i liked to see more.

Here is my idea: make counts more than just conquer.
Count used to be a unit who is large skilled, because he/she can take over a new town. Why not make them more use and rare to own and lose a one?
Residence right now is there to train a count, but maybe add some special? Make 5 extra options
1) infantry master - Count boosts Infantary power by 15% both ways on field and at defending
2) Light speed - Count boosts army to move 10% faster
3) Arrow thread - Count leads rangers on the wall giving them first shot whitout gaining any damage, means longbows have 40% chance to hit a shot and deal damage that is written to their (attacking force)[100]. Meantime count is under high risk that he/she have 5% chance to die on the wall durning the battle.
4) Battlecry - Count boosts hes units attacking force by 15% durning fight event.
Thous would be features people could choose if they make a count
5) Shield on the field - Counts boost defence force by 10%
Most concerning thing is that player can have all 5 counts to max hes power on the field - that might mean he would loss all of them or gain a huge victory... all of that makes count very rear and important unit. Also players can still craft ordinary count 100k stone, 120k wood, 80k ore. But ability one costs more.

Furthermore: There might be talent thing for a count - means while he is passed meny fights and remain alive he might learn something new.
Shield leed - Counts boosts hes army with 10% defence force. Chance to a count to learn that ability is 10%
Breakedown - Enemy unit attackforce will be turned against him above 50% of hit (Crusader attack force 900 = 450 damage into hes armor (counts) as damage by unit he was attacking. Crusader was attacking Tempelar he got 450 infantry damage [Tempelar survive Crusader dies]. Chance to that ability is 3% from attack. Chance to a count to learn that ability durning a battle is 5%

Almost done! - count ordinary attackforce and defendforce amounts should be increased.

There might be more - thous are just some ideas.
Informing - Helicopter

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